Demopolis CATV


Setting up email

You must have an Internet access account and an email program in order to set up email. Contact Sales to set up an access account. Many email packages are available, some free, many not. Be sure that your email package is compatible with your operating system before installing it.

Email setup is specific to the type of email program you use. Instructions are provided for common email programs, including:

Windows Eudora
Windows Eudora Light
Macintosh Eudora
Macintosh Netscape 4 or later
Macintosh Internet Explorer
Macintosh Outlook 5
Windows Netscape Communicator
Windows Netscape 7
Windows Netscape Activation
Windows 97 Outlook
Windows 98 Outlook
Windows 2000 Outlook
Windows 2002 Outlook
Windows XP Outlook
Windows Outlook Express