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Setting up Eudora on the Mac

To set up Eudora on a Macintosh, follow these steps:

  1. Open Eudora.
  2. Click the Special tab.
  3. Click on the Configuration option.
  4. Type your MAIL account address, which is
  5. Type your return address, which is
  6. Type your account name, which is the first part of your email address.
  7. Click OK.

After you have set up Eudora, set the connection method. On the Settings option of the Special menu, select MacTCP or TCP/IP, depending on which version of Eudora you are using.

Determine if your e-mail account is a serial dialup account or a SLIP/PPP account. Macintosh Eudora 4 or later does not support serial connections. If you can use a web browser with your account, it is SLIP or PPP. If you have a SLIP or PPP account, no dialup script is needed. If you do not have a SLIP or PPP, you must set up a script.

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