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You can download free Eudora software, called Sponsored Mode, from Qualcomm. If you don't want ads to display on your email, you can choose Paid Mode and purchase the software.

After you have downloaded and installed Eudora, open Eudora. If you have a newer version, a wizard window displays. If you have an older version, follow these steps:

  1. Open Eudora from the Start menu or click the Eudora icon on your desktop.
  2. Click Tools, then Options.
  3. Click the Getting Started icon.
  4. Type your MAIL name in the MAIL Account field, such as
  5. Type your name as you want recipients of your emails to see it.
  6. Type your email address, such as
  7. Click the Personal Info icon and complete the fields that display. Type your user name, provided by your ISP, in the Dialup username field.
  8. Click on the Hosts icon.
  9. Type
  10. Click on the Checking Mail icon.
  11. Set the preferences as you wish. If you want your program to automatically check email, type the number of minutes between checks in the Check for mail every field.
  12. Click OK.

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